Preparing Our Future

Continuing a Legacy

OBGC has a successful track record in restoring historic structures. In 2002 it won recognition from Preservation Montgomery for rebuilding the 1880s barn located at the park. OBGC works closely with the Maryland Historical Society, Historic Preservation Commission, Sandy Spring Museum, and Montgomery College to research the history of Falling Green to ensure that restoration is done with utmost respect and integrity.

Through a grant from the Maryland Historic Trust, OBGC hired architect Craig Moloney, noted for his work in historic preservation. Current plans address the club’s desire to restore an important part of Montgomery County history while improving the organization of club and park as well as park security.

Restore, Reuse, Recycle

Built circa 1770, OBGC is taking care in restoring Falling Green in an environmental friendly way. Qualified craftsmen will restore this important Olney landmark and help breathe new life into the Brooke home so it can be reused by young families and OBGC’s staff. Items from the 1930′s addition were salvaged and donated to other charities or kept to be repurposed in the main structure. In addition, plans call for the installation of environmental friendly geothermal energy system.

Quality of Services and Quality of Life

Once completed, the administrative offices for OBGC’s staff and volunteers will be located on site. Improved access to OBGC’s staff and the Park’s facilities will allow for greater organizational efficiency so OBGC can provide a higher level of service to its members and coaches and a better experience for its children.

Educate and Perpetuate

150,000 visitors to the OBGC Community Park at Freeman Fields will now have access to the Brooke home and our small museum. Children will have the opportunity to learn more about OBGC’s culture of volunteerism and be educated on the need to help perpetuate what makes OBGC a successful organization. In addition, Falling Green’s history, artifacts, pictures and stories will be included in the museum to maintain the community’s history and OBGC’s ties to it.

Community and Home

The restored Brooke home will be a vibrant community meeting place where OBGC’s staff, volunteers, parents and board can meet and discuss the future of its children and the organization. It is our hope that as one of the founding families of Olney, the Brookes would appreciate the current use of their property which OBGC plans to continue to transform into a home where children can play and develop.